The Best HR Software for Managing your People

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Get more productive with our all-in-one HR solution

“HRLocker is a very simple to use HR software for both management and our staff. They help us keep all of our HR requirements in order for staff located in three different countries through one subscription.  Their support staff are friendly and attentive.”

“HRLocker is an easy to use tool for our management and our staff. It makes it easy to manage and report on various leave types as well as store and manage not only personnel files, but also all of our essential documents requiring staff signatures without all of the paperwork and file storage!“

“HRLocker is very straightforward and easy to use, in particular for employees (i.e logging annual leave, sick leave). I enjoy the personal touch HRLocker has to offer and have found their customer service to be extremely helpful and has a fast response.”

“As a growing SME, we need a HR software solution that could tackle staff records & reviews, absence and holiday bookings that moved away from our excel and word docs. By introducing HRLocker we have greater visibility, reporting and employees can manage their own holidays.”

“HRLocker is very easy to use. The majority of it is self-explanatory which is great as we have new users added each month. I love that “Hire” is linked to HRLocker and any candidates that are hired are automatically placed in our onboarding office.”

“The HRLocker interface is easy to use. It is great for tracking employee time and attendance, holidays and sick leave and has an easy interface with great customer support also. Also very good on compliance for HR documentation.”

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Heaps of features to power up your team

Time Management

Our Time and Attendance Module allows you to manage all holidays and leave in your company quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Timesheet Software
  • Contact-free clock in & out
  • Project Management
Employee Database

Our employee database gives employees the ability to view their individual weekly shift planner, seamlessly in the cloud.

Key Features

  • Personal files & salaries
  • Manage terms of employment
  • Control user permissions
Recruitment & Onboarding

HIRE is a full recruitment management system that allows you to manage your entire recruitment process in one central, GDPR-friendly location.

Key Features

  • Create jobs & post to boards
  • Build your candidate database
  • Interview Remotely
Performance Management

Our latest HRLocker feature Real-Time Reviews, gives your company a way to schedule, record, and manage your performance review process.

Key Features

  • Create & schedule reviews
  • Measure Behaviors & Principles
  • Reporting Suite
Digital Signatures

Our HR docs allow you to easily upload, store and publish documents to different users and different departments for them to sign.

Key Features

  • Upload & Assign Docs
  • Employee Reminders
  • Go Paperless!
Training and Development

Our continuous professional development feature ensures you never again allow an employee training certification to expire.

Key Features

  • Create and assign training easily
  • Employee Training Requests
  • Expiry Reminders

Easy Integrations

HRLocker seamlessly integrates with lots of great companies, and we are constantly bringing on new ones all of the time.

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The Best HR Software for Managing your People

Best HR Software

HRLockers’ HR software can help your business maintain all personnel data and documents centrally and manage onboarding processes, absences, time registration and attendances.

This HRM software enables your employees to apply for leave, upload medical certificates, review applications, and much more, all in one place via their own user accounts, making extended e-mail exchanges and time-consuming inquiries with HR a thing of the past.

Going forward your HR team can replace all manual data entry such as spreadsheets, using intuitive features within the system that enables the time and attendance software to integrate with all your favorite business tools.

Human Resource Management Systems

Transform your HR department today with HRLocker’s Human Resource Management Systems. With comprehensive functionality, straight-forward monthly subscriptions, unlimited data storage, easy configurations, automatic updates and great reviews.

Automated workflows and centralised data ensure important approval stages don’t get missed, managers can support their teams better, and everyone saves time. It’s a faster, more productive, and more satisfying experience for everyone.

HRLocker’s online system can benefit organisations of any size and is quick to implement and easy to manage. Reducing the chances of error, HRLocker will save you time and help everyone work better together, wherever they are.

The Best HR Software for Managing your People

Free holiday calculator

Work Out Staff Annual Leave Entitlement With our HRLocker Holiday Calculator

Do you need to calculate holiday allowance for full time or part time employees? Make life easy! Use our free online calculator.

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Pricing to Suit All Sizes

No contract, No credit card, No funny business, Just great HR software!

HR Essentials

Small + medium size businesses

15 excellent features for SME’s to take control of their HR Tasks.

Main features:

  • Employee details and HRIS database
  • Holiday/Sickness management
  • HR Docs and digital signatures
  • Employee self-service
  • Project times and reporting
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HR Premium

For growing companies

HR Professional + advanced features for larger businesses with high demands.

Main features:

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Candidate Database
  • Integration with Jobs Boards
  • Communications to candidates
  • Hiring & Onboarding Analytics
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR management software?

HR management software is designed to automate and simplify the management and recording of employee records and activities. For more information click here to contact us, our staff at HRLocker would love to tell you more.

Is this HR software system right for me?

Whatever your role, be it SME business owner, HR professional, office manager, or HR consultant, HRLocker’s management software provides a host of solutions to address your people management challenges.

How easy is it to set up the software?

The system is fairly simple to set up; the basic setup can be achieved relatively quickly. If you have any difficulties with the setup, our team at HRLocker would be happy to help.

What is the status regarding Data protection?

When using HR Management Software, the customer assumes the role of Data Controller and HRLocker is deemed to be a Data Processor. Go to our GDPR policies section to learn more.

Why is HR Management a cloud-based solution?

There are several advantages to a cloud-based solution, including cost efficiency, security and uptime, catastrophe recovery, a touchless/paperless experience, and more frequent updates. Utilizing a cloud infrastructure allows us to add new features and refine existing ones with minimum disturbance to your daily operations and at more frequent intervals.

Can we access HR Management Software from anywhere, anytime?

Yes. HR Management Software is a cloud-based solution, and both the web and mobile versions can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Does HRLocker include a mobile app?

Yes. HRLocker’s contact-free clock in & out Mobile App gives your employees and HR admins immediate access to perform HR-related tasks and submit requests on-the-go.

Can HR Software be integrated with other systems?

Yes. HRLocker has open APIs that allow you to natively integrate with any other cloud solution.

Are you ready to automate your HR processes?

No contract, No credit card, No funny business, Just great HR software!

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