HR Software for Law Firms

Unlock your team’s potential by automating absence management, holiday management, timesheets, and training in a GDPR-friendly cloud-based format!

Why should you consider HRLocker?

HRLocker is a cloud-based HR Software designed to make work life easier for both employers and employees. Our software digitally transforms people management and recruitment efforts for professional companies.


What’s in for you?

support icon  Excellent support throughout. Our support team is based in Ireland and will answer your queries in less than 15 min!

person icon  Straightforward and easy-to-use HR platform.


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HRLocker can help your law firm to efficiently manage its workforce, reduce administrative tasks and improve the overall efficiency of the firm.

Best HR Software for Law Firms

How can HRLocker benefit your business?

Streamline the recruitment and onboarding process, allowing the firm to efficiently manage job postings, candidate applications, and employee records. This will save the firm valuable time and resources, as well as reduce the risk of errors and redundancies.

Improve your Performance Management, providing tools to track employee performance, set goals, and provide feedback. This will ensure that the firm’s staff is meeting the necessary standards and goals and that they are developing their skills and knowledge over time.

What do our current customers think?

chat ballon  Emma Thompson – HRLocker allows for the ease of reporting, and logging leave requests for staff. Very good software and amazing support when needed from the team.”


chat ballon  Kari F. – “Good. Customer service has always been very good. The hire feature is good. I also like the org chart feature.”


chat ballon  Bryan L. – “Great for tracking employee time and attendance. Also, very good at compliance with HR documentation. It is an easy software, all the features are excellent: applicant tracking, recruiting, timesheets, onboarding…” 

Discover why people love HRLocker!

We have lots of clients currently using HRLocker. Our all-in-one cloud HR and Recruitment solution allows them to focus on what really matters: their people and the people they help.

Best HR Software for Law Firms

HRLocker Downloads

HR has never been easier! Are you unsure about your HR documents? No Problem! We have you covered. Download all these documents for FREE!

HRLocker features are built for SMEs companies

Streamline your business process and make life easier!

Recruitment and Onboarding

Create jobs and available roles that you can post to various job boards and social media platforms to manage candidates easily.

GDPR Compliant

Manage your entire team in one central, GDPR-friendly location. Ensure you are allocating your time and resources efficiently.

Background Checks

Easily manage background checks, Garda vetting and any other vital documents that need to be stored and renewed on a regular basis

Holiday Management

HRLocker’s Time Off module allows you to manage holidays and annual leave for each office, department, team and individual easily and quickly.

Employee Training Records

HRLocker is a great tool for assigning Training & Development courses and tasks to your employees.


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