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Tool Up Your Remote Workforce with HRLocker!

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The Right Tools and Features to Make Remote Working Possible

If you’ve made the switch to remote working check out the amazing features in HRLocker that will help you manage your remote workforce. HRLocker HR Software:

1. Allows remote clock-in with Timesheets.

2. Easy set up of online Projects for remote workers to track progress daily.

3. Change work status to ‘work from home’, log sick leave.

4. Upload HR documents such as remote working policies for workers to digitally sign.

5. Change noticeboard alerts to show company information in the dashboard

6. Manage your company assets by tracking them in our Compensation & Benefits section.

Time On Feature – Timesheets

Timesheets are a great tool for remote working, letting your employees log their daily or weekly working hours online with no hassle. Set working times at the office level (set the entire company or departments e.g.: 9 am-5 pm) or, individually tailor employees working hours.

Honesty based timesheets

Allow your employees to manually complete their hours.


Allows employees to clock in and out from remote locations. This is often the most popular choice for remote workers. Geolocation will log your employee location so it’s a handy tool if you have workers off-site, visiting clients or working remotely from different offices.

IP address

This is most often used by employees who have a standing arrangement with their company to work at home for predefined days a week from a home office.


Manage Your Projects

Don’t send long emails with lists of jobs, use Projects instead! When working remotely, it is easy to get bogged down when you don’t have a manager or teammate to bounce things off. Projects allow each manager to set tasks and projects for individuals or departments. Employees can set times against each project, which helps managers can see at a glance how much of their employees’ day is taken upon specific tasks. Projects also allow you to set up hourly rates per employee to set against projects, giving you a great insight into the value of each project. Your finance dept will love you! Projects help you hit targets, reach project goals and make the manager’s job much easier.


Time Off Management

Changing an employee’s work status is easy in HRLocker. If employees have requested to work remotely or if their circumstances have changed and they need to work a few days from home, you can easily change the status in the Time off settings. HRLocker allows you to create as many leave types as you like such as ‘remote working’ or ‘working from home giving you the flexibility to assess at a glance who’s in, who’s off and who is on sick leave.


Logging Sick Leave

The sick leave section allows you to upload a sick note/cert from your doctor. If your employees are remote workers, you may not see them, so this is a great way to manage sick notes and sick leave without seeing your workers physically.


HR Documents and Digital Signatures

It’s important when implementing remote working to have policies and procedures in place so that your employees will know what is expected from them when working from home. At HRLocker we love to give you free stuff! We’ve created a remote working policy template for you to rebrand and save as your own. You can download it here. Feel free to amend it with your company identity. When you are happy that it reflects your company values, simply use HR Docs in the main HRLocker menu, select the individuals or departments that you want to assign it to, and your employee will receive an email asking them to read and digitally sign the document.


Directory and Dashboard

When making the move to remote working, all employees must complete their personal information section in the directory. When managing remote teams, it is so handy to have all the employee data in one system. The dashboard is the first screen your employees come to when logging in to HRLocker. The noticeboard section is a central place to display company information and can be edited by the admin from the dashboard area. Simply click on Add/edit noticeboard and you can change this message as often as you wish!


Compensation and Benefits

Never mislay an item of equipment again! When adopting remote working, you may need to equip your workers with several office items such as laptops, mobile phones and other equipment which enable them to work remotely. HRLocker allows you to keep track of these within the system. Tracking the item, the date they were given out, the cost to the company and the serial numbers.

HRLocker is packed full of features, these are just some of the highlights to get you set up for remote working. In Episode 2, we will show you how to maintain productivity and adult development using HRLocker features. Realtime Reviews, our performance management system is completely set up with both the manager and employee in mind.

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