About HRLocker

HRLocker is a cloud-based HR software service that digitally transforms the people management and recruitment efforts for professional companies. Our goal is to make work life easier for both employers and employees.


Our Story

Our journey began back in 2004 when our CEO Adam Coleman, then Head of HR for O2 UK, returned home to Ireland. After a long journey, HRLocker was born.


Our Team

Meet the people that help create, develop and deliver HRLocker.



Our Values

HRLocker is a Deliberately Developmental Organisation (DDO) that uses adult development as the centre of its strategy. They operate as a transparent meritocracy where anyone in the business can openly challenge anyone else’s ideas.



Why not get in touch? We are looking for people who want not only a career but a way of life!




From radio interviews to public speaking engagements, HRLocker and CEO Adam Coleman are dedicated to consistently spreading the message on all things HR. From your day-to-day handling of your people to developing full-scale behavioural frameworks with clients, HRLocker is on a mission to make life easier for employers and employees.



Talking is good. We are an open and transparent meritocracy so if you would like to talk about company culture, performance management, or software or even seek some advice then please reach out to us via our contact page.



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