HRLocker Launches Programme to Help Business & Support Charities through Pandemic

HRLocker has launched a partnership with ISME and The Business All Stars to help businesses manage their workforces remotely while supporting a number of key charities through the Covid-19 lockdown.


For every new signup of the Remote & Dual Working Professional Package, HRLocker will donate €100 to The Rape Crisis Centre, Focus Ireland and Alone.


Adam Coleman, CEO of HRLocker, comments, “The crisis is putting a huge strain on every element of society, with the most vulnerable at significant risk. This campaign is about business helping charities. Through a concerted, collaborative effort we can both minimise the disruption on businesses and provide the much-needed support to those who need it most.”


Helping Businesses

The pandemic’s toll on the global economy is unparalleled, with the IMF predicting it will trigger the worst fallout since the Great Depression of the 1930s. At home, a survey by Chambers Ireland shows half of Irish SMEs expect a 60% decline in revenues over the next three months.


For traditional businesses, unfamiliar with remote working and lacking the systems and processes for such a business model, the transition has been particularly difficult. Some key features of the HRLocker package, which help minimise workforce disruption, include:


  • Project tracking and management using timesheets
  • clock in & clock out
  • geolocation clock in and out
  • logging sick leave (as COVID-19 related)
  • training requests and certification management


Helping Charities

Meanwhile, the lockdown has created the perfect storm for charities. Reports of physical, emotional and sexual abuse have rocketed since its introduction, while vulnerable individuals, including the elderly, autistic and mentally ill, require greater assistance to cope with the isolation. At the same time, fundraising activities, have completely evaporated, putting huge pressure on Ireland’s many not-for-profit organisations when they’re needed most.


Rape Crisis Centre, states: “Thankfully, for many of us the lockdown is little more than an inconvenience. Sadly though, for some home is not a safe place. We have witnessed a significant spike in domestic abuse since the introduction of the lockdown. The funds raised by the HRLocker Programme will prove invaluable in helping us continue to provide support and reassurance to those who need it most through the pandemic.


Coleman adds, “Our Charities need our support during this time. I would urge businesses to please give this initiative of business helping business helping charities their consideration. Every penny raised will go to our charity partners and it stands to benefit everyone, from the vulnerable and elderly, to people in crisis, to companies.”


visit and type COVID19 in the referral box when signing up and HRLocker will donate to our listed charities.

Please note, offer ends July 31st 2020. 

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